1. hiphoplovesongs:

    Like, who wouldn’t want a girl with elegance, intelligence
    And a cute way of presenting it?
    I see where your potential is
    And I know that even with or without me, you’ll keep on ascending
    Let me tune into your spiritual channel
    My sleeping beauty all alone in her castle
    You’re golden, glowing through shadows
    Cupid got his bow and his arrow when I throw in the towel

    - Capital STEEZ

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    Boss Lady… If I was your stylist 

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  6. she really is IT.

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    9-10-14 Glen plaid suit 10

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    Editorials. Anais Mali. French Revue De Modes. by Urivaldo Lopes.


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    Details from Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2015.

    Paris Fashion Week.

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