1. ok, let’s try this again … here are my six selfies. s/o to the lovely honeyalmondmilk for the tag! gorgeous pics, btw!

    now, i tag nashikara, sharinashahrin, hanonchalant, bobbyism, lebeam, theacidaesthetic, lebeam, and selamx.

    i want to tag so many more ppl but i’ll stop here. LOL

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  2. honeyalmondmilk:

    okay so the lovely babyxbowser tagged me in six selfies that made me feel beautiful. This was actually hard, cause apparently… I don’t take that many selfies. what I did was picked six moments where I actually felt beautiful, like I had to take a picture to remember that moment. 

    anyway, I tag









    If I tagged you and we never talk, its because I basically just feel like we’re friends lolol 

  3. Happy Birthday.

  4. Little Richard being completely serious (x)

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    Arnaldo Ventura S/S 2015 Menswear São Paulo Fashion Week

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  8. baremidriffs3:

    I am so glad that I am so beautiful and smart

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    Christy Turlington Burns Fronts for Love

    Photo by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin

    The model and campaigner for maternal health wears a rubber dress by Giles, rings by van Lamsweerde and Matadin, and stockings by Wolford, in a shoot styled by Love’s fashion director, Panos Yiapanis. For More

  11. Joan Smalls @ Gucci F/W 2014-15.

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    barrettes are a big fashion YES imo

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  14. 6 selfies …


  15. yarrahs-life:

    Omg they are all so feminine and elegant. In love!

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